Jess and Joe Forever at the SJT in Scarborough

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I absolutely love reviewing theatre. I’m currently writing a play myself, actually I’m currently taking my play for voices and adapting it for the stage, which is becoming more and more complicated as the characters want to burst out of their set roles and make their own storyline. Writing plays is hard. When you go to the theatre and see something like Jess and Joe Forever it brings it home to you what an expert playwright is capable of. The play got a standing ovation when I was there last night and it was well deserved. I’m so glad I had my scarf with me as I didn’t have any tissues, but I wish I’d worn water proof mascara!

Here is the review that I wrote for The Stage. Go see it, not only for the brilliant play, but for the absolutely wonderful art deco splendour of the Stephen Joseph Theatre

Review of Jess and Joe Forever

2 thoughts on “Jess and Joe Forever at the SJT in Scarborough

  1. Elizabeth Sandie

    Great review. Definitely makes me want to see it. And good luck with writing for the stage. Elizabeth

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