The Wild Within 2019




In March I’ll be re-running the very popular Wild Within month long poetry course.

This poetry course is designed to be accessible, both financially and artistically, meaning that anyone who wishes to write can get something from it; whether you are new to writing and would like some guidance, or you’re an old hand who perhaps wants a bit of affordable motivation to get the creative cogs rolling. The theme is The Wild Within and the course will look at poetry of nature, place and self, our connection to the living world and how poetry can not only be a way of noticing and describing the world we live in, but can be a way to evoke change within ourselves, and change in the outside world. You do not need to live ‘in’ nature, to be aware of it, it is there whether you notice it or not. This course is designed to help you notice and write about your own connection to nature. We all have a wildness inside us that connects us to the world.

The term ‘nature poetry’ is almost a swear word in modern poetry, it tends to be seen as old fashioned and unconnected to the poetry which deals with personal issues or world problems. But we forget that we are living, breathing, biological organisms, we are automatically a part of nature, because we are animals, we are nature. Come and join me for four weeks of looking at the world in a different way. Last year the course received some wonderful feedback, which you can see here: Testimonials

This is the most popular of the online workshop/courses that I run, so worth booking in early. It will be starting on March 1st and it’s just £10 for the full four weeks during which you will receive a weekly themed lesson pan and a prompt every day, delivered to your inbox. There is also a closed facebook group for those who want to share poems, photos, ideas and chat. It’s a fun course, and perfect for springtime.

I do have some sponsored places, do get in touch if you are on a low income or facing difficult circumstances, I may be able to help you with a place.


Details on how to book can be found here




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