New Online Creative Writing Course for April: Staying in and Writing it Out

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It’s that time of the month again! Time to launch April’s online writing course, this time with a few changes.

Unless you are already living as a hermit in a cave, you will be aware of the current pandemic of Coronavirus, COVID-19, which is forcing events to shut, book launches to be postponed, festivals to be put on hold and regular meetings and gatherings to be temporarily closed. Everybody knows that public health must come first, but it doesn’t stop it from being a little bit gutting, especially for people already isolated, who rely on getting to small gatherings to stay sane! From an economic prospective it’s a bit of a disaster too, especially for the self employed and those in the creative arts who rely on community engagement for their living.

Keeping this in mind, the fact that more people will be worried about their income and there will be less money for entertainment, I’ve decided for this course to have one single low price of £20. You can still sponsor a place for someone who is going to be lacking that £20, and please, please do, if you can!

Because I am expecting a larger group than normal I am briefly reverting back to a closed facebook group model, rather than the closed website model until I have ironed out the glitches in the new model (it does look like a new bells and whistles website will have to be created specifically for the course now, which is no bad thing, but will have to wait until the financial fall out of Covid19 is over and done with!) which means no live chat nights on this one, which is a shame. However, this course is aimed at generosity, community spirit, being kind to one another and sharing our stories around a virtual fireplace, and every course I have run so far has had that in bucketloads, thanks to the fantastic, warm groups – each one slightly different – that have taken the courses so far.

What’s ‘Staying in and Writing it Out’ about?

The course will begin on 1st of April 2020  and end on 30th April 2020. Over the four weeks we’ll be looking at what it is to be a society, what it is to be a human animal, we’ll be sharing experiences of testing times, survival and the kindness of society, but more than that, we’ll be looking at nature, enjoying the small things that life has to offer, we’ll be enjoying the start of spring and sharing the joys we have experienced and the pain too. We’l be writing poems, creative non fiction and flash fiction, and we will be sharing a sense of purpose and community, combating loneliness and remembering the good things, the kindnesses of life.

How Will It Work?

Once you have signed up, you’ll receive a welcome note and a link to the closed Facebook group. You do not have to join the facebook group at all, lots of people don’t, but in my experience it has been a real bonding experience – open, friendly and encouraging. Within the closed group people are able to share their work, and post comments on the work of others. You can join and not post anything, or you can lurk quietly if you want. Everyone is different, and what creates anxiety for one person may nt for another, so there is no pressure. This is a no pressure environment where the purpose is to get writing, not necessarily to produce a finished piece of work. You’ll be sent a set of notes exploring the week’s theme at the beginning of each week, and every day you will be sent a new writing prompt aimed at stimulating your creativity and getting you to set pen to paper, fingers to keyboards and get writing in a supportive and encouraging environment. The courses are suitable to all levels of experience, from complete newbies to experienced writers wanting a little motivation.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply go over to my shop and pay the fee. If the email that you want your materials and prompts sent to is different to your PayPal address, drop me a line at Once you’ve paid you’ll receive your welcome letter and facebook group link and you will receive your first set of notes and first prompt on April 1st, direct to your inbox. That’s it.

Places are limited, and I am expecting this course to be very busy, so please don’t wait and be disappointed!

I look forward to having you on board!



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