Friday Writing: Another Brand New Zoom Based Writing Group!

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As well as my prompt a day courses, half day workshops and courses for the Centre of Life Long Learning York, AND the Wednesday Writers Group, I’m going to be starting another new group in January. My centre for Lifelong Learning course, Becoming a Published Poet has now ended, and it feels like there is still more to do, learn, explore and share. There was a good response to the launch of the Wednesday group, but a few people have asked if I might run a day time group for those who can’t make the evening groups. So I have decided to start the Friday Writing group. This group will be quite different to the Wednesday Writers, so don’t worry about anything being repeated if you want to do both! This is a zoom based workshop style writing group which will run every other Friday from 8th January. Booking in advance is essential as numbers will be kept to a minimum for this group to give individuals the attention that their work deserves.

Friday Writing is aimed at writers wanting to improve their editing skills as well as wanting to keep the motivation to write going. Each meeting we’ll look at a published poem in some depth to help improve our analytical skills, there will be a writing exercise based around the poem we’ve looked at and writers are encouraged to bring a work in progress for group critique. 

Friday Writing is a no pressure group for writers of all experience levels, from those beginners wanting to see what they are capable of, to those experienced poets wanting to be prompted to write and submit.

Friday Writing will be a fun place to share news, gather with like minded people and push yourself to improve your own work as well as creating new written work, so why not make a New Year’s resolution now to priority your writing in 2021.

The two January dates are now open for bookings, but places are extremely limited due to this being a zoom group. You can book your place by following this link to my online shop. I can’t wait to bring in the new year with you and share your writing resolutions!

Friday Writing

Every other Friday. 

First Two Groups 8th January and 22th January 2021

Both Groups now sold out, sorry!

10am to 12pm

Book your place by following this link:

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