I’m Now on Substack

This week I made the move to combine my blog and my newsletter and to move this over to substack. Substack has more options for reader engagement is a bit of a hub for writers and artists, it already feels like a place where I can spread my wings a little and create some events and interactions with readers. I see the new substack page as a new project in its own right. It’s called ‘Notes from the Margin.’

Notes from the Margin is a kind of commonplace book in which those small points of connection are gathered. The margin of the title is both the place at the edge of a page where notes are made, and a place of in-betweens, of not quite being identified or categorised. These are places of profundity and revelation for me.

This is also the best place to find my latest news: courses and workshops I’m running, publications, books, readings and events. This newsletter publishes every two weeks.

When you subscribe you will receive Notes from the Margin direct to your email inbox free of charge, every two weeks. You will also receive occasional emails to let you know of upcoming courses, workshops and retreats with me, or through the magazine I run, Spelt. I promise not to spam you!

I hope you’ll join me there. Here’s the link:


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