Content Writing

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Niche Writing Areas:

  • As a published poet and editor: Poetry, literature, books, art, theatre reviews, cinema reviews


  • As a qualified Microbiologist with a BSc in biomedical science and thirteen years experience of NHS pathology work: Health, health Sciences, biology, science, mental health, wellbeing


  • As a former IVF patient, and bereaved parent: IVF, infertility, childlessness, accepting childlessness, miscarriage, stillbirth, accepting childlessness



I am available as a freelance content writer for blogs, commercial articles, feature articles and other services. If you’d like to discuss potential work, please contact me at I have written extensively on my own experiences of still birth, miscarriage, infertility treatments and accepting childlessness, but also review theatre:

Theatre Review, Northern Soul

As well as writing on poetry and literature, including interviews:

Lemn Sissay interview for Northern Soul

Other interests include folklore, myth, natural history and archeology, creativity and obviously poetry.

Hand of Glory article for Atlas Obscura

I currently write a regular column about life on the North Yorkshire coast for Yorkshire Life Magazine I write reviews and articles for Northern Soul and have an expanding portfolio including Atlas Obscura and am a regular contributor for Breathe UKPlease do get in touch to discuss any projects you may have.