Hall of Fame


This is my page to celebrate your successes. I love seeing the people who have been on my courses or who have been mentored by me doing well. There’s no nicer feeling than that of an ex mentee or course attendee getting published or winning a competition. If that’s you, drop me a line so i can feature you and, if possible, a link to your work in the Hall of Fame!

Gerry Stewart:

I’ve had 17 poems published from the 6 courses I’ve joined. Some of the journals were Semicerchio, Dodging the Rain, The Lucy Writers, bind, Stockholm Review of Literature, morphrog and The Honest Ulsterman and coming up in From Glasgow to Saturn. I’ve also had a pamphlet from the collection you looked at in our mentoring time win a Hedgehog Poetry Press competition.

Find out more about Gerry and her work here

and follow her on twitter: @GrimalkinGerry


Grant Tarbard:

Grant is a regular on my online courses, you can buy his Indigo Dreams collection here

And find out more about Grant here

‘These are visceral poems of the body and of breath high on bottle oxygen and morphine. They come close in ash, and dust; their peculiar imagination and dark wit lift them above the clay. They are threaded through with pain; the gentle and abiding love in them carries us through’

Martin Figura