Mentoring, Feedback, Critique and Guidance

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Having a professional editor, proof reader or mentor working with you on your creative writing journey can be a big boost to your success as a writer. Let me help you get to where you want to be. 

Please contact me to discuss any of the services below, and please do get in touch if the service you require is not listed here.

Poetry Critique

Simple and effective. Useful if you are working on poems for an event or a competition etc or just need a little guidance.

Single poem: £10.00

Three poems: £25.00

Mini Mentoring Session

Great if you want to chew the fat with someone in the business. Consisting of a one hour FB messenger chat or a forty minute zoom chat with a focus on career paths, getting published and general creative writing guidance. Book by contacting me at


Poetry Surgery

Run once per month with very limited spaces available. The Next surgery day will be 26th September, please book well in advance by contacting me at

The surgery consists of a one hour Facebook messenger chat or a forty minute zoom chat. At some point, after the pandemic, there will be an option for a face to face meeting too. Included within this package is close critique on four poems, which will be discussed within the meeting.



Feedback Package One:

Feedback, proof reading and editing suggestions on a short collection of no more than 20 poems or no more than 30,000 words of prose with a single one to one feedback session of one hour conducted on Facebook messenger, or forty minutes conducted on zoom:



Feedback Package Two:

Feedback, proof reading and editing suggestions on a full manuscript of 50 or more poems or prose of no more than 70,000 words, and a single one to one feedback session conducted on Facebook messenger:





I have recently changed the way I provide mentoring services. To provide the very best mentoring service for clients looking to work on their projects with me, the time frame needs to be expanded so that a close working relationship can be built within a less pressured environment. This means taking less clients. I will only be taking two mentees a year from now on, but for a longer period of time, roughly three months at the outset. There will be an application process, which you can find out about by dropping me a line at

I am also hoping to provide at least one sponsored mentoring service a year for a writer in financial difficulties. If you would like to help a disadvantaged writer access the benefits that working with a professional mentor and writer brings, please consider sponsoring a mentoring slot by following this link to the shop: SHOP

Thank you!