John Foggin

Always happy to see John promoted

Rebecca Gethin

John Foggin is the latest Featured Writer.  He is a generous and tireless supporter of all poets so this is my endeavour to give some support back.  He’s very well known in the North but much less known here in the South West  so maybe this will help rectify that.

He is one of my favourite poets writing anywhere today as his poems burst from the page with a raw energy that looks effortless and easy and makes you see with new eyes.  Deft, always surprising and full of compassion.  He writes about landscape, birds, people and uses ventriloquy to get deep inside character and situation.

I finally got to meet John last year at South Downs Poetry Festival where his readings and also his workshop were full of verve.  I wrote more in his workshop than in most others anywhere and he stood up all through it and…

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